Aspen Insight

Introducing "Aspen Insight"

Episode Summary

In a world where finding common ground can feel impossible, the Aspen Institute brings people with different points of view together to grapple with society's most complex problems. Join co-hosts Marci Krivonen and Zach St. Louis on this new podcast as they learn from the experts who pass through the Institute's halls.

Episode Notes

Finding common ground in today's divided society can feel like an impossible task. But here at the Aspen Institute, we are committed to doing just that. We work all across the globe, bringing together people from different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view, to tackle society's most complex issues. On Aspen Insight, hosts Marci Krivonen and Zach St. Louis take you through the halls of the Institute and introduce you to the fascinating people who come here to make the world a better place. Subscribe now. Episode 1 premieres on September 21.