Aspen Insight

Using Music to Tackle Hate

Episode Summary

A Muslim youth choir and an Aspen Institute program are working to bring religious groups together.

Episode Notes

Religion is behind an increasing number of hate crimes in the United States and religious minorities, like Jews and Muslims, are often the target. An unlikely set of people are working to turn things around. A group of kids make up a Muslim youth choir, the first in the country, that performs at churches and synagogues in an effort to break down barriers. The Aspen Institute’s Justice and Society Program is also tackling the problem. An initiative called the Inclusive America Project has produced a report that addresses how the US can continue to embrace people of all faith backgrounds (like it’s done in the past) against a backdrop of deep polarization. Also, in this final episode of season one, we provide a peek into what's in store for season two of Aspen Insight.